COR.D ft. CUBEx 2017 Launch: Malaysian Fashion Week

past.tense: available for custom orders SOON

‘past.tense’ explores the use of garment as a medium to create a connection to place.

The work explores the language of traditional clothing while moving towards a contemporary streetwear feel and looking into androgyny and uni-sex design.

Provenance is important and the process of textile development to highlight natural dying with native Australian Flora, and rusted objects scavenged from the farm.

Exploring the importance of wool in Australia, a range of wool materials are utilised including wool suiting developed by Australian merino stud Charmac Merinos, NSW and Merino wool, which is felted by hand.


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Think inside the CUBEx

For the last half of 2016 I have been working on COR.D alongside the development of a new collection. And 'new' is the operative word...

n June I was invited to become a part of a new program at Curtin University, developing new practice in fashion design. In collaboration with industry partner DHouse Australia, the 'Incubator' CUBE is an innovative platform supporting recent fashion graduates in redefining garment customisation by use of Body Scanning and Computer Aided Design.

ith COR.D, MKO Designs and Skylark the Label, the program will culminate with an online store launching in early 2017. So stay tuned!

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Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms 2016

As the year draws to a close- and there is still so much to do!- I am looking back and realising how much has been achieved this year.

A great achievement has been the design collaboration with The Anjelms Project. The collaboration began after I was awarded the winner for 'Fairly Fashionable' design challenge in 2015, and co-organiser Gaelle Beach invited me to produce a capsule menswear collection for Spring Summer 15/16 . After the success of the collection I joined The Anjelms Project to design for 2016.

This year we have worked together to produce Autumn, Winter and Spring/Summer collections which are stocked in Anjel Ms High Street and the Fremantle markets as well in The Goodies Store, Perth CBD and through the online platform.

The Anjelms Project

he Anjelms Project  is a creative collective, uniting the wealth of traditional textiles and artisan skills, with the aesthetics and demands of a modern clientele, striving to provide transparency of the supply chain with each garment hand signed by its own craftsperson.


Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms Spring/Summer 2016/17 Womenswear collection is the collaboration of label founder Gaelle Beech, WA new designer Cordelia Gibbs and The Stitching Project in Pushkar, India featuring traditional handlooms and dye techniques along with hand painting, and block printing designed by a young Fremantle visual artist, for a versatile, comfortable and individually unique range.


Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms Spring/Summer 2016/17 Menswear collection is a collaboration between label founder Gaelle Beech and WA new designer Cordelia Gibbs with production through the Himalayan Development Centre, Kathmandu. The collection utilises traditional Nepalese cotton for comfortable and versatile urban wear.

'Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms' was recently featured at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival WA Born with the show of 6 menswear and 6 womenswear outfits.

Thanks to Colosoul for the fantastic event and images below.



Excited to announce that my latest collection collaboration with Anjel Ms and The Stitching Project will be on show at RAW: PERTH.

The menswear range has been re-released in traditionally dyed and treated Kashish grey in natural cotton and luxurious cotton/silk to compliment the gorgeous indigo and natural cream summer range.

Raw events are an eclectic mix of artists, performers, designers and creative people brought together in celebration of local talent. The event, held on the 31st of March, 2016 at The Rosemount Hotel will have something for everyone... so grab your tickets through my profile for $20 (or $25 at the door).

  • What: RAW: PERTH PRESENTS 'SIGNATURE' ft. Cordelia Gibbs in collaboration with Anjel Ms and The Stitching Project
  • Where: The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth
  • When: 6:30pm, 31st March, 2016
  • How: Grab your tickets at my RAW Artist Profile


Cordelia Gibbs-RAW_Perth presents SIGNATURE.jpg

2015/16 Summer Menswear with Anjel Ms and The Stitching Project

This year I have collaborated with fair trade brand Anjel Ms for their 2015/16 summer menswear collection. The designs are made following fair trade principles in Bali and Pushkar India by The Stitching Project,  and Nepal to come in the new year. The pieces from India are indigo dyed and printed, light cotton and silk/cotton, while the Bali items are made from traditional cotton Ekat.

Looking forward to the pieces from Nepal to come!

Photos thanks to Tania Lee Crow and Anjel Ms


Djurra Walk for Water

On the 13th of May, 2015, Djurra of Fremantle hosted a fundraising event in support of Aveda's Walk for Water, a WaterAid initiative to provide fresh drinking water to underprivileged communities.  

2014 featured designs from established and upcoming designers including Jessica Nella, Bobby and Olive, Emily Gibbs, Love in Tokyo and Julia Wood, as well as pieces from my 2014 menswear Honours collection, which were styled for both male and female models on the runway.

Photos Thanks to John Koh Photography

Fairly Fashionable? 2015 Challenge

I feel so honoured to be awarded the winner of the Professional Category for Fairly Fashionable? 2015. It is a great motivation when people can see the work that has gone into a design and have that appreciated, but it is also so inspiring and humbling to be a part of such a fantastic and essential initiative.

I was apart of Fairly Fashionable? last year, entering a student and was blown away by the talent and creativity of the student, amateur and professional designers. This year was a step up! The venue was beautiful with fantastic organisation and the runway performance including music, models and MC was professional as well as entertaining. There was such an array of work that showed the individuality of the designer as well as the uniqueness of the fair trade items they received.

This year we were given really interesting and diverse fair trade items with participants not only challenged to design with fair trade fabric but to reimagine fair trade items- such as the bag which I reinterpreted into a jacket and the shirt which formed part of the lining.

Fairly Fashionable? demonstrates how fair trade can be high fashion and innovative and pushed designers to think outside the box when it comes designing and making new products. Using upcycled fabric and repurposing pre-existing items is not only sustainable but provides an interesting challenge to designers in terms of how they conduct their own design and manufacture process.

Initiatives such as Fairly Fashionable? are fundamental for the education of both designers and consumers in regards to the fashion industry. Fairly Fashionable? not only makes us reflect on the Rana Plaza tragedy but also compels designers and consumers to consider the origin of all clothes, fabric and products and consider the world as a whole and the importance of both humanitarian and environmental sustainability.


Telstra Perth Fashion Festival: Future Runway Ft. Cordelia Gibbs

As always, the student section of Perth Fashion Festival is a highlight. Now named 'Future Runway', it showcases the amazing work of student designers from ECU, WAAPA, Central TAFE, Polytechnic West and Curtin University.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the student runway show for three years running with one entry in 'RTW Men's' in 2012 while in 2013 I had two garments selected for 'eco design'  and a 'RTW Men's' which was awarded the winner for the category that year. In 2014, (the last year I am able to enter the show!) I had two 'RTW Men's' outfits, an 'Eco Design' outfit (women's) and an entry in the feature category for that year, 'Hi Vis'. For TPF Future Runway 2014 I was awarded the winner of 'Eco Design' for women's outfit from my graduate collection, A Life in Wool.

Photos: Ryan Ammon Photography

Fashioning Forms: The Craft of Making Ft. Cordelia Gibbs

The exhibition event was held as a part of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2014 to showcase WA designers and artists in a way that depicts the 'craft of making' beneath the fashion product.

With a focus on materials, hand craft and dying and fabric manipulation, I was honoured to be a part of the exhibition and chose to showcase my felt works. These included a selection of textile felting and dying samples and a new work, a hand felted and dyed men's jacket.

I chose to arranged the samples in a 'pillar', the pieces wrapped and knotted together. The jacket was hung from a wire crafted hanger so details could be displayed.

Fashioning Forms: Online Exhibition Catlogue

The Australian Wool Fashion Awards 2014

The Australian Wool awards were held in Tamworth, last Friday the 18th of July. I entered the awards two weeks earlier and was honoured to be a part of the dinner/runway show. What was even more amazing was coming first place in the Young Designer Category and being awarded the Supreme Award for 2014.

After extending my Bachelor of Arts (fashion) degree for an extra year, I feel I have been working on my graduate collection 'A Life in Wool' (from which these pieces come) for years. In fact, I began thinking about this collection at the start of 2012 when we were asked to research wool in fashion for one of our units.  I have put years of energy into ideas, research, planning, development and production for my graduate collection and considering that my ideas come from my background growing up on a sheep stud and visiting and working on different farms around the Wheat Belt, it's even more. Being apart of The Australian Wool Fashion Awards and having people appreciate the ideas, time and passion behind my work makes the blood, sweat and tears all with it. The support is incredibly humbling and is a huge motivation to continue with the hard work. 

Wool Shawl: Elder's Supreme Clip of Sale Ball

I was asked to design and create a wool item for friend Libby Stickland to accompany her outfit for the Elder's Supreme Clip of Sale presentation dinner.

The reversible light blue and cream shawl from wool suiting worn by Libby was featured in the Farm Weekly and the Countryman at the start of July, shown below.

The item worn in various ways:


Innovo: Conventions Undone 2014 Ft. Cordelia Gibbs

 INNOVO Conventions Undone. An exhibition of Fashion and Textiles. June 10 - 15  2014 at Nyisztor Studio, Melville, Western Australia.

~ The premise for the development of 'Innovo: Conventions Undone' is to showcase fashion as more than garment and challenge preconceived illusions through an investigation into the source of innovation; to examine the unique stimulus fuelling the design process which is brought to life through garment.

We aim to do this by presenting conceptually driven fashion forms that capture the viewer with not only material and technique, but an imperative need to understand the inspiration behind each design. This exhibition will focus on the presentation of works that explore the relationship between form, body and concept ultimately encouraging a deeper dialogue between viewer and installation ~

Fairly Fashionable? Challenge 2014

The Experience

The Fashion Degree at Curtin places a value on sustainability, teaching us about the environmental and humanitarian impacts which the fashion industry has on the world. Because of this and through my personal enthusiasm in the area, I was keen to become involved.

The Fairly Fashionable? Design Challenge firstly asked for an expression of interest where designers explained their brand or personal values. On Fashion Revolution Day (24th of April), we were all invited to MANY 6160 to come together and debrief on the project. While we were there, each designer chose a hessian bag that contained a piece of fair trade fabric from different origins, varying types of material and of different sizes, shapes, colour and textures. It was our challenge to create an outfit, accessory or fashion component within 14 days incorporating the fabric we had received. 

One of the objectives of the challenge was to show that fair trade and eco design can be contemporary and interesting so it was important for the designers to demonstrate new ideas and innovative fashion design within their pieces. Even though we were able to use additional elements for our design, we were asked to think sustainably with what we used and how we used it.

The Outfit

For my project, I received a piece of fair trade fabric from Anjel Ms which was a contrasting black and red Cotton tie dye fabric, much of which still supported ties used in the dying process. With this fabric I was I was inspired to create a menswear design featuring the unfinished, as well as the finished, fabric as a way of conveying the story behind the material. My outfit includes pants which contain no inner or outer leg seam to provide added comfort for the wearer. I also recycled leather off cuts and upcycled cotton for my design as well as investigating the idea of ‘zero waste pattern making’ by using one piece of cloth which was tucked and cut and the pieces reoriented to form a shape for the body.

It was a great idea to put a short, 2 week time frame on the challenge to make the designers, as well as the audience, consider the idea of ‘fast fashion’ and the pressure which some people are put under to produce products for an extremely quick turn over. The whole experience was fantastic, it was great to see updates on how the other designers were going and seeing the ideas they came up with at the end of it all. It was also fantastic to see so many people attend the runway event to support the designers and the cause and create a wider understanding of the importance of fair trade in the fashion industry.

Photos: Trilby Temperley 2014


Like many country kids, my summer is spent back in the country in a bid to earn some money to fund my studies (and life) for the rest of the year.

Usually I spend my time in the town in which my parents live so I have the opportunity to work as well as spending time with them. Being so removed from the city/study/fashion life which consumes the majority of my year, working in the country also seems to give me an interesting perspective on the world. It also acts as a fantastic inspiration for my conceptual and design work.

Since I left school in 2009 I have worked in a factory making farm equipment, in an office and also in a delivery job driving a truck all over the country side. This year I traveled further away from the city to a different town to work on a Merino Sheep Stud, something which acted as a fantastic reflection to my graduate collection 'A Life in Wool'.

Over the holidays I experienced the annual harvest, Chaser Bin driving for the Harvester as well as having a go at the Harvester my self. I also had the task of tending to sheep, feeding out grain and minerals as well as needling and drenching while in the yards. On the flip side, I lent my hand to catering for 12 workers and shearers over sheering, which lasted 6 days. Furthermore I spent a lot of time mustering sheep with a few dogs and a motorbike.

All of these experiences, and simply being out on the land, not only provided further perspective to life on the land but also a huge amount of inspiration. This I tried to capture moments whenever I could...