Fairly Fashionable? 2015 Challenge

I feel so honoured to be awarded the winner of the Professional Category for Fairly Fashionable? 2015. It is a great motivation when people can see the work that has gone into a design and have that appreciated, but it is also so inspiring and humbling to be a part of such a fantastic and essential initiative.

I was apart of Fairly Fashionable? last year, entering a student and was blown away by the talent and creativity of the student, amateur and professional designers. This year was a step up! The venue was beautiful with fantastic organisation and the runway performance including music, models and MC was professional as well as entertaining. There was such an array of work that showed the individuality of the designer as well as the uniqueness of the fair trade items they received.

This year we were given really interesting and diverse fair trade items with participants not only challenged to design with fair trade fabric but to reimagine fair trade items- such as the bag which I reinterpreted into a jacket and the shirt which formed part of the lining.

Fairly Fashionable? demonstrates how fair trade can be high fashion and innovative and pushed designers to think outside the box when it comes designing and making new products. Using upcycled fabric and repurposing pre-existing items is not only sustainable but provides an interesting challenge to designers in terms of how they conduct their own design and manufacture process.

Initiatives such as Fairly Fashionable? are fundamental for the education of both designers and consumers in regards to the fashion industry. Fairly Fashionable? not only makes us reflect on the Rana Plaza tragedy but also compels designers and consumers to consider the origin of all clothes, fabric and products and consider the world as a whole and the importance of both humanitarian and environmental sustainability.