Like many country kids, my summer is spent back in the country in a bid to earn some money to fund my studies (and life) for the rest of the year.

Usually I spend my time in the town in which my parents live so I have the opportunity to work as well as spending time with them. Being so removed from the city/study/fashion life which consumes the majority of my year, working in the country also seems to give me an interesting perspective on the world. It also acts as a fantastic inspiration for my conceptual and design work.

Since I left school in 2009 I have worked in a factory making farm equipment, in an office and also in a delivery job driving a truck all over the country side. This year I traveled further away from the city to a different town to work on a Merino Sheep Stud, something which acted as a fantastic reflection to my graduate collection 'A Life in Wool'.

Over the holidays I experienced the annual harvest, Chaser Bin driving for the Harvester as well as having a go at the Harvester my self. I also had the task of tending to sheep, feeding out grain and minerals as well as needling and drenching while in the yards. On the flip side, I lent my hand to catering for 12 workers and shearers over sheering, which lasted 6 days. Furthermore I spent a lot of time mustering sheep with a few dogs and a motorbike.

All of these experiences, and simply being out on the land, not only provided further perspective to life on the land but also a huge amount of inspiration. This I tried to capture moments whenever I could...