Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms 2016

As the year draws to a close- and there is still so much to do!- I am looking back and realising how much has been achieved this year.

A great achievement has been the design collaboration with The Anjelms Project. The collaboration began after I was awarded the winner for 'Fairly Fashionable' design challenge in 2015, and co-organiser Gaelle Beach invited me to produce a capsule menswear collection for Spring Summer 15/16 . After the success of the collection I joined The Anjelms Project to design for 2016.

This year we have worked together to produce Autumn, Winter and Spring/Summer collections which are stocked in Anjel Ms High Street and the Fremantle markets as well in The Goodies Store, Perth CBD and through the online platform.

The Anjelms Project

he Anjelms Project  is a creative collective, uniting the wealth of traditional textiles and artisan skills, with the aesthetics and demands of a modern clientele, striving to provide transparency of the supply chain with each garment hand signed by its own craftsperson.


Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms Spring/Summer 2016/17 Womenswear collection is the collaboration of label founder Gaelle Beech, WA new designer Cordelia Gibbs and The Stitching Project in Pushkar, India featuring traditional handlooms and dye techniques along with hand painting, and block printing designed by a young Fremantle visual artist, for a versatile, comfortable and individually unique range.


Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms Spring/Summer 2016/17 Menswear collection is a collaboration between label founder Gaelle Beech and WA new designer Cordelia Gibbs with production through the Himalayan Development Centre, Kathmandu. The collection utilises traditional Nepalese cotton for comfortable and versatile urban wear.

'Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms' was recently featured at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival WA Born with the show of 6 menswear and 6 womenswear outfits.

Thanks to Colosoul for the fantastic event and images below.